Guide To Yugot – List An Item

September 11, 2022

5 minutes guide to list an items on YUGOT

In order to list an item please select the voice “List an Item” from the menu in the homepage.

You will be redirected on the page where you can fill all the item’s details.

You will be able to select different types of products.

Simple Products – Just a normal product to sell
Variable Products – Products that has different variations e.g. Different colours Grouped Products – Products that are part of the same group External/Affiliate Products – Linked products from an external source

Set the Price, Description, stock level and categories and you are free to go. Please feel free to check the rest of the attributes for the item to give the best description for the customers.

Don’t forget to press Submit to list the item and having it online.
There is also an option to save the product as a draft to keep it come back to it later.

When you need to upload the pictures please click on the image to start the process. Like shown below.

Pay attention there is a little “+” sign next to the pictures. You will need to press that only if you want to have more than 2 pictures of your item.

At YUGOT we recommend to activate one the different options below when listing as they “unlock” extra options in the item’s attributes.


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